1. To establish, maintain and update the diagnostic service for MH susceptibility for South Africa.
  2. To make the MH diagnostic facility available for the continent of Africa.
  3. To increase awareness and knowledge about MH for patients, their families and the medical community.
  4. To establish a national database.
  5. To promote research as a pharmacogenetic disorder in the unique DNA mapping of the different ethnic groups in South Africa.
  6. To promote immediate availability of the minimum dantrium requirements in all theatre complexes.
  7. To promote and standardize the standard of care of both an unexpected, acute MH attack as well as known Malignant Hyperthermia susceptible patients.
  8. To promote knowledge on anaesthetic machine preparation for MH cases.
  9. To promote referral of all patients and family members in need of diagnostic work-up.
  10. To promote the interest of MH as an orphan disease.