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My Story...

Face of MH

I survived MH...

It is not my favorite story to tell, but if I can help one other person by telling it, let me tell it.

It was on the 30th of June. I still remember the day crystal clear. I suddenly suffered a tremendous pain in my side and was admitted to hospital. The surgeon confirmed that it is appendicitis.
I was overcome by anxiety because of my previous bad reaction towards anaesthesia. I told the surgeon about this and he suggested that I give all the detail to the attending anaesthetist.
I told the anaesthetist that I almost died under anaesthesia when was 16 years old. Apparently they struggled a lot to wake me up after all the muscles in my body went stiff. For months afterwards I had to walk on my toes until the muscles in my body recovered.

A lot of people are fearful when it comes to anaesthesia and a lot say that they have difficulties with anaesthetics, so I suppose one could undervalue this important anaesthetic history. But one should not!
It is so important to value a previous adverse anaesthetic reaction because it can safe a life!

I clearly remember that 2 nurses took me to theatre at exactly 14h45. What happened next was communicated to me much later when I woke up in ICU...

I suffered an acute MH attack under anaesthesia, my whole body went rigid and my temperature went through the roof. They were unable to ventilate me properly and my heart stopped beating...
They resuscitated me 5 times and called the MHCSA hotline.
Dr Brand confirmed an acute case of Malignant Hyperthermia and they administered the antidote. Much later I regained consciousness, paralyzed on a supporting machine in ICU.
It was a horrific experience! It is such a frightening thought that I may die and my two children (then 2 and 6 years old) will be left motherless.

Both my children have MH, not as bad as mine, but it is an experience I would never want them to have.

If you had any similar symptoms you and your family must be tested to prevent a terrible tragedy.

Of course, although I survived, my life will never be the same. Today I suffer from asthma and I have a lot of problems with my lungs, I recovered from a blood clot in my arm etc, etc, etc...

But at least I am alive and believe me, you appreciate life and the people around you a lot more!

I just say thank you every single day that He saved me.